MMA Grappling Dummy Reviews: The Ring To Cage Grappling and Wrestling Dummy

mma grappling dummy

The grappling dummy we will be reviewing today is a special one as its received alot of hype and is also reviewed highly amongst consumer reviews. The grappling dummy we will be looking at today is none other than the Ring to Cage Grappling dummy. The ring to cage grappling dummy is built as an all purpose dummy for MMA and BJJ. In addition, the dummy can also be used as a wrestling dummy which means you can drill your takedowns and wrestling throws no problem. In terms of the specifications featured on the grappling and wrestling dummy, it comes unfilled in adult size at 6ft and child size at 4.6ft. When filled the adult size can support up to a weight of 75lbs and 35lbs for the child sized grappling dummy. When it comes to the actual materials used to construct the wrestling dummy, it features a heavy duty candour Nylon fabric and has reinforced stitching on the dummy joints. I was able to use the dummy for a solid month and I can confidently say that the hype and praise it has received is well justified. When reviewing the ring to cage grappling dummy, the dummy durability, stitching quality and overall training effectiveness was our main criteria that I was looking for.




  • Manufacturer: Ring To Cage
  • Dummy Weight: 70lbs and 35lbs
  • Dummy Color: Black

Performance Rating

  • Price 93%
  • Dummy Durability 93%
  • Dummy Stitching 96%
  • Overall Build Quality 92%
  • Training Effectiveness 92%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 91%
  • Consumer Reviews 93%

Editors Rating


Dummy Durability

From what I can tell, the ring to cage grappling dummy is built very well and can withstand alot of punishment. The dummy was used by myself as well as a few of my other training partners who are big boys. Strikes were thrown, submissions were latched on and throws were executed yet the dummy showed no signs of breakdown.



Dummy Stitching

One of the most common issues when it comes to grappling dummies is the stitching materials used on the joints. The ring to cage grappling dummy has reinforced stitching on the joints which is a big plus as the limbs will not seep or rip off when a submission is performed.


Training Effectiveness

Where the ring to cage dummy really shines is how well it performs and its effectiveness for training. Grappling with the dummy was fairly fluent and I had no problem transitioning and attempting submissions on it. In terms of striking, I was able to throw some ground and pound strikes and it did not feel awkward what so ever which I found was an issue with some of the other grappling dummies. Lastly, wrestling with the dummy and performing throws on it felt natural and fairly life like. This is where I felt the dummy truly shined and where it performed best.

Bottom Line

This is hand down the best grappling and wrestling dummy that I have ever gotten the pleasure to use in my training. I was so impressed with how well this dummy performed that I ranked it #1 on my best grappling and wrestling dummy list. The ring to cage grappling dummy is well worth the price and is a solid overall tool to have in your training needs. With that being said, be aware that no grappling dummy will ever be as good a human. The ring to cage grappling dummy is recommended for those that have no one to grapple and spar with and should not be used as a replacement for an actual person. Lastly, be aware of the grappling dummies’ dead weight when filling it up. A dummy that is 70lbs can feel as heavy as 140lbs due to the weight dropping and remaining in one place. Hope you enjoyed the review!