The BJJ gi we will be reviewing today will be none other than the Tatami Estilo 5.0 BJJ GI. I first heard about the Tatami Gi from one of our purple belts. He swore by it and would rave on about how it was the best bjj gi he has in his collection. It got me intrigued which prompted me to give it a look in amazon which I also noticed was highly reviewed. Without even second guessing myself I purchased the estillo 5.0 gi and was able to roll with it for close to 4 months. I was honestly impressed with the gi and consider it the best bjj gi I have ever used hands down.

Tatami Gi Specifications


  • Manufacturer: Tatami Fightwear
  • BJJ GI Size: A4, A3, A2, A1, A3L, A2XL, A3S
  • BJJ Gi Color: Black, White, and Blue

Performance Rating

  • Price 83%
  • Gi Durability 93%
  • Gi Build Quality 94%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 90%
  • Comfortability 93%
  • Washability 89%
  • Consumer Reviews 93%

Editors Rating


The Gi Design

The design of the tatami bjj gi is simplistic yet modernistic. It doesn’t have any flashy vibrant colors like you see with some of other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis. It sports the old school karate gi look which I absolutely love. With that being said, people do have their preferences when it comes to a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi’s design but I think we can all agree that this is one sharp gi.


Gi Durability and Build quality

The tatami BJJ gi is built phenomenally well and expect it to last you for quite some time. I was able to use the gi 3 times a week over the span of four months which consisted of heavy drilling and rolling. The jacket and pantry is built with a material that will sustain any pulls and tugs you throw at it. Where the Tatami BJJ gi also does well in terms of build quality is the stitching construction which reinforces the knee and elbow areas of the gi.


How Comfortable The GI is

The tatami bjj gi was very comfortable and it had a fairly short break in period. Unlike some of the other gis that remain stiff for a few weeks when you first purchase them, this gi was able to couture to my body in around 5 days which is amazing and unheard of with jiu jitsu gis. The estilo 5.0 was comfortable when drilling and rolling during my training and did get in the way what so ever when transitioning. The build material used in the construction of the tatami estilo is also easy on the skin and found that it did not irritate me in any way.


Manufacturer Reputation

Tatami has been around the market for quite some time and has a reputation of being top dog when it comes to high quality bjj gis. Tatami has an awesome track record and also features a warranty on the estilo 5.0 if its nonfunctional to your liking. The tatami estilo 5.0 bjj is not the only gi that was highly reviewed from amazon and the bjj community. Tatami has at least a dozen other bjj gis that received praised among consumer reviews.


Cleaning and Washing

The gi was fairly easy to wash and did not shrink down when It was tossed in the washing machine. Make sure to use cold water when washing the bjj gi to ensure the gi remains functional and does not get damaged. If your still unsure about washing the gi, Tatami has included instructions when it comes to washing the estilo 5.0. Be sure to follow them so you don’t accidentally shrink the gi or damage it in any way.

Bottom Line

What can I say? The tatami gi meets all the requirements needed for a high quality jiu jitsu gi. I rank this as the best gi I have ever used and feature it as the #1 top BJJ GI on my site’s list due to the Gi’s awesome looking design, its top notch build quality, the manufacturer behind the gi and the washability provided. If you decide to pick the gi up for competition use, make sure to take time out to lightly roll in it so you can break the gi in. The tatami gi is a tad bit stiff when you first purchase it but will loosen up when you starting rolling with it. Lastly, make sure to choose a pants size that fits you snugly. You want the pantry to be snug and not overly loose where they are falling off your butt and not overly tight where your feet turn red from lack of blood flow. Hopefully this review answers some of the questions you guys may have had on the tatami estilo 5.0 bjj gi. Thanks for reading!