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At what age is to late to start training MMA?

When a person wants to become an MMA fighter, they need to be physically and mentally prepared for the grueling training camps that are both mentally and physically draining. This sport really takes a toll on the body despite it being in its infancy. It can take years...

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BJJ Training For The First Time: What To Expect

Whether your an MMA fighter looking to start or someone who is looking to learn some self defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an absolute must and one martial arts form I feel everyone should learn. Royce gracie showcased the power of BJJ when he was choking out multiple...

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MMA Injuries: Basic Exercises For Shoulder Rehabilitation

MMA Injuries: Basic Exercises For Shoulder Rehabilitation One of the most common injuries in the sport of MMA is a shoulder injury. Famous UFC fighter Cain Velasquez is an example of the impacts shoulder injuries can have on MMA athletes. Cain tore his rotater cuff...

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MMA and Yoga: An analysis of Yoga and its Pathways

Many MMA fighters and BJJ practitioners incorporate yoga into their training regime which is not surprising when you look at the benefits it brings. Yoga has shown to help athletes in a variety of ways such as flexibility, strength, endurance and much more. Many...

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MMA Training: Improve your running and cover more distance

Running is one of the best exercises for any combat sports whether it be boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. Mike Tyson, one of the best boxers to ever grace the sport of boxing would wake up every morning at 5am and would run for miles. When asked “Why are you running so...

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Since 1975, the Fairtex company ideas been making the best most exclusive boxing gloves. They have not made a splash in the pro boxing world but are very prominent in the MMA and Muay Thia gyms.It comes as a surprise that people do not necessarily think of Fairtex...

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