Contender Fight Sports Classic MMA Competition Gloves Reviewcontender fight sports

Contender fight sports have had a long history of making some of the best gear when it comes to competition use.  Today’s review is none other than the Contender Fight Sports Classic MMA Competition Gloves. contendor classics are available in a variety of sizes including regular and large sizing. In terms of the colours available, they have a solid black coated surface with white stars and company logo over top the wrist strap. The Contender fight sports mma gloves have been gaining a lot of high reviews from various sites which warranted us to give the gloves a look. We were generally impressed with these pro mma gloves and were surprised with the quality we got despite the cheap price tag.



  • Manufacturer: Contender Fight Sports
  • Glove Size: 4 ounce
  • Glove Color: Black

Performance Rating

  • Price 92%
  • Durability 87%
  • Build Quality 85%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 86%
  • Consumer Reviews 85%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

The contender mma gloves are built phenomenally well for the price your paying for these pro gloves. The build quality is top notch and the mma gloves are very comfortable and showed no signs of interference during grappling and striking exchanges during training. We were generally impressed by the materials used to construct these pro mma gloves. In addition, the strapping used on the gloves was fairly secure and did not budge when force was applied to it. These gloves have a build quality that rivals venum and hayabusa mma gloves which are priced a lot more. Where the contender mma really shines is in its price to performance ratio offered. If your looking for a cost effective and value based mma gloves for competition use, the contender classics should strongly be considered.

The contender mma gloves will last you for quite some time and expect for them to withstand the punishments of competition mma. Competition mma gloves have a different requirement than your general training MMA gloves. The very first thing is that the gloves must pass the state commission guideline to what gloves you can or cannot use. The outlined requirements can be anywhere from glove size, glove weight, glove design and glove built. If you decide to use the contender fight sports MMA gloves in competition, be sure to contact your state athletic commission and get their approval before investing in the pro gloves. Also, be aware of the time period needed to break the gloves in. It is recommended to lightly train and spar with the gloves so they can properly morph into your knuckle as well as getting use to striking and grappling with the mma gloves.